Monday, June 27, 2011

oh crap. not again.

Assalamualaikum friends !
guess what??  today clifford school having a screening event for the all the sport house..nak tahu apa? aku pun join event tu lah..oh no !! you don't believe it?? yeah i know..aku pun x percaya..haha~ i getting involve in 8x100 meters. I know..It's not a big deal right..100 meter jer pun..alahai~ kacang jew..puit~! but with my 'spare tyres' yang melekat at puwut yang bosa ni..make me hard to run la all xper a fitness..senang lah kau nak lari !

But, as a leader of green house.. i must la show to them that i also can make it la..haha..although i cannot make it to be a number 1..but i'm still not be the last group okay !! hahaha~(big laugh) haa~ selame nie you all like to cursing me right ? now i proof korang that i also can run like a wind lahhh ! (Big laugh again)

Altough my house sport not are the listed in a great team..but aku very satisfied gilers la siapa yang able to came and giving support to all members who participated in the screening event tuh..thanks you guys.. korang semua the great ! yeah !(sambil tepuk tangan)

tadi aku ade event tarik tali jugak tau..antara rumah Hogan and rumah Sabki..alhamdulilah team kiteorang menang woo~ burr burr ship sha cik lah !!(haha tiru trademark kawan) esok plak team kiteorang will fight with the Chulan house ! pray for we all to win this game lahhh..we all need those medalll ! ! ! argh ! ter-excited pulak !


ops..badan suda lenguh-lenguh..suda tidak fitness lagiii..nak berdiri tegak pon xbuleh. ini macam boleh pitam woo~ malam nie aku kene tidoq menirap ! uggghhh~ =(

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