Sunday, January 20, 2013

Be as Usual.


Okay, this entry is not to talk about something that i always post to you all. This is the post where I, AMIRUL IMAN , want to apologise to my followers that very very verryyy long time not updating my beloved Blog. One of the reason is I don't have any a good time to spent with my blog. where my time?  OHH~~~ that a very complicated question for me to answered...So So SOOOO Sorry. NO COMMENT ! :D

And I admit to you all, reason why I cannot updating my blog is because I STILL CANNOT MANAGE MY TIME TABLE PROPERLY Schedule, event, Life timeline...URGHHH....they all can make me dizzy....Poning, poning ,poning !~~~ 

So, me here now to tebus kembali kesalahan saye yang saye lakukan selama ini... I will try my best to colouring my Blog BACKK !! YAAYYYY !!! :D I will always try my best to updating my beloved blog with my daylife routine back, some event that i joining, yeah...something like that lahh~ But sorry to say, my  entrys will not be the same as always that I always posted. I just posting my picture and little bit of discription. How about that huh? cool?? miserable? yeah... I know...Its miserable...soryy... :(( but that how i will going to be. SORY AGAIN :( :).

And lastly, minta maaf saya menggunakan bahasa Ingeris dalam entry ini, dan merosakkan nya... SAYA KURENG SIKIT DALAM BAHASE OMPUTIH NIE....Oleh itu, saya rase cara yang terbaik ialah cuba dari kesilaan dan perbaiki dengan perlahan2....okay ? 

 That all from me now. so, see you soon, CHOW !! :)