Thursday, March 10, 2011

kepala aku rosak !=(

who here has spanner or screw ?
i want to fix my head..
maybe it broken now..

Haish~ today I got MuEt test ..MUet have given 4 Reading , Listening , Writting , and Speaking..
but school  made 3 test  only..because Speaking can do in the class period...First exam is Reading it contains a long text and their english is too strong..(english die 'high' giler lahh)..first jammed have occur..

After that i got a new task and go to hall to took Listening exam..this exam are very complicated...we must listen carefully the because the answers is in the record..but  the record is to cannot understand what are the record play..(waktu nie kepale la putar2 + tension)

Lastly is Writting exam..this time I got a headache..I can't think I pushed myself to anwers the questions..(ade due soalan..tapi sempat buat satu jew..haish!)..

woahh~!my knowledge still not enough..I must read more..practice more about english..has anybody here can teach me??? huuu~

Now..I at my lovely head still spinning around like 'gasing'... I think i should take a nap for awhile.. sat g nak pegi main Badminton plak...nak release tension lahh..kang nak pukul shuttle pon x kene..huhu...

P/s: pening punye pasal sampai english aku sume tunggang-langgang...hahaa~

P/s/s: x nak jdi cam calvin nieh !! =)


  1. actually muet ni takda laa susa sgt . cuma kena byk baca artikel english . drpd pembacaan uh dpt level up vocab . yg plng sng score , listening .

  2. tapi kan...cube cikin bayangkan...waktu record tu die sekat2 mcm org main dj taw..mase kite tgh dok concentrate..mesti tension kan??

  3. hahahaha . kdg2 mmg mcm tu . so telinga kena alert gila laa . hee (:

  4. umm2..tadi lah first time x ley nk jwb paper listening..aduyai..=(