Thursday, January 13, 2011

my target ! =)

many old friends came back and new juniors arrived...
not class is the highest the 4th floor..away from c6 students...all the cacophonies...and my class got the best class,the end of the floor and near to the stairs and toilets..easier for me to get out from class without being harassed...I made up my mind to change my resolutions for this year..
My targets are:
STPM: Achieve all principal grades..the best A
  I'll do it all out and not gonna turn back anymore..THIS IS IT!!To show the real who you are..

MUET:Band 3 and 4
  I think that I can do better over time..and improve myself better than the last year.hope my dream will come true insyallah !

I MUST put aside entertainment to focus on the exam..and also in class lessons..
  I MUST leave all those silly things..and chase the others
  I MUST restructure my relationship with my parents,family,friends,and ALLAH especially..
  I MUST put aside negative thinkings to go forward
  I MUST be ACTIVE whether in school or outdoors.
  I MUST NOT repeat the same mistakes that I'd done all over again !  I DO NOT WANT to be left behind,I MUST rise and continue what do I wished for..  I MUST listen to other opinions as well,who knows their opinion can be better than ourself..
this target will be accomplished !!


  1. now you're talking,Iman!!!go chase your targets from this moment...and I will always back-up you..

  2. let's do this together although your targets are different than mine...