Wednesday, November 10, 2010

what a misfortune day !!


umm...this morning don't have any of special event...
just wake up,brush my teeth,praying,then prepared to go to school.. :)


today is my boring day..lecturer just came and out from the class..
but not came to teach us..
mybe it coz the exam already finish~ :(
all the student do their own work..some of them just chatting wif  classmates..
n other made preparation on assignment that they got..

one of them must get ready to present my assignment to all my friend n lecturer..
then..after i get my result..
lecturer says..
"your presentation is to simple..n your communication skill still not reach the low level"
so..i must learned more than this...
somebody !! help me please !! :)


this evening make me crazy
so i took a chance to play badminton wif my younger brother..
after playing about 15 minutes..suddenly !!
my foot was twisted hurtly..ouch !!
now i like a lame old boy !! :D
 (mybe i will absent going to school tomorrow)


after the first accident that i through...
now came one more misfortune for me...
when i place my handphone in my pocket..
 suddenly it fall on the floor.. :O !!
when i check back my pants..
i see a hole in the pocket..
Arghh!!! not again !! 
Now my handphone was broken...
the screen was wrecked...
 ughh~ :(

P/s: what a misfortune that i through today~ sigh ~ :( 

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